Classes & Parties

Ready to Learn?

I get so many requests to share my knowledge and teach others how to bake and decorate, and a solid foundation of the basics can take you far!  Contact me to discuss your interests, I would love to customize a learning experience for you!

Ages 10 and up, groups of 6 or less preferred.  

Prices start at $79 per person per 2 hour lesson.

How About A Sweet Party?

Want to add something different to your next birthday party, mom's night out or friends get together?  How about a decorating party?  I would love to customize a package for your needs!  

Choose cookies, cupcakes or both.  Prices start at $15 per person and include a minimum of 6 items each.  Also included is piping bags, sprinkles and seasonally appropriate decorations.  

With guided instruction, prices start at $35 per person, and I will teach you my tips and secrets to amazing treats!

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